Do You Have an Apartment Complex You Want to Sell?

Good. Because We’re Apartment Complex Buyers.

Avoid Commissions. Avoid Red Tape. Avoid Delays.


Apartment Buys is a professional, private multifamily syndication firm located in Atlanta, GA.

Our business is the acquisition, rehabilitation, and management of multifamily properties. We have a network of investors, vast capital resources, and trade professionals and managers that allows us to efficiently and effectively buy, renovate, and run multifamily properties.  

We specialize in working with multifamily property owners who are interested in selling for a variety of reasons.

If you’d rather be out of the apartment business, then we’re the people to talk to.

Earnest Harbin | CEO

Earnest brings more than two decades of experience in real estate investing, construction, and asset management along with a proven track record for driving strong investment returns. Under his management, over 420 units of multifamily properties totaling in excess of $25,000,000 have been restored and leased to occupancy levels exceeding 90%, prior to divestiture–ensuring long-term investor gain.

Bob Sposito | Director of Acquisitions
Bob brings over 25 years of successful experience to the team. Bob has been critically involved in the acquisition, construction, redevelopment and rehabilitation of over 4,500 units of housing. Under his direction and supervision, several of these projects were recognized by the NAHB’s Pillars of the Industry Awards and the National Apartment Association for excellence in the industry. Bob has worked on over $85,000,000 multifamily acquisition projects and has managed over $125,000,000 of Value-Add Redevelopment and Construction Projects.

The Benefits of Selling To Us


Save Time

We are the direct buyers. We’re already funded, and this is our business, so there’s no waiting for financing, bureaucratic hassles, or fickle buyers who get cold feet. We can usually have you an offer within 72 hours.

no obligation

You stay in control. If you like our offer, great, let’s do business. If not, we can discuss, or we can go our separate ways.

Save Money

Since we’re the direct buyers, there are no commissions or fees. We’re also interested in your property regardless of condition. So don’t worry about fixing it up first – let us handle that.

easy to work with

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and realize that everyone benefits when the transaction flows smoothly and leaves everyone happy. We stay on top of communications, and never leave you wondering what’s going on.

any condition property is fine

  • As-is condition
  • Code violations
  • Major renovations needed
  • Deferred maintenance
  • High vacancy / poor reputation
  • Below market rents


any reason for selling is fine

  • Inherited property
  • Relocation / Retirement
  • Divorce
  • Cash out
  • Management headaches
  • Poor health

Curious to see what your property is worth?


Can You Explain the Sales Process a bit?

Sure thing!

  1. You start by filling out the form at the bottom of this page, or call us at (478) 972-7501.
  2. We’ll gather information on your property (units, leases, tenants, any issues, cash flow, etc.)  If the property is one that would fit our investment criteria, we will schedule an in-person visit. This will allow us to make our “highest / best” offer.
  3. Once we have an agreement, we will submit a Letter Of Intent to be signed, and then perform standard due diligence while the legal documents are prepared by our attorney (yes, we pay for all clerical and legal work.)
  4. After everything is finished, contracts are signed, a closing date is set, and when the date arrives, you get your money. Simple as that!
What parts of the US do you operate in?

Most of our business is in the southeast. That stated, contact us no matter where you are. The old adage “you never know” always has merit.

Look, I’ll be honest - my property needs work. Is that ok?

We see this all the time. Let’s face it – there are a million situations where people simply do not want the upkeep and headaches that being a landlord entails. We specialize in buying distressed properties; even those with code violations and half-empty buildings.  And we bring them back to life. It’s what we do.

How long does it take to get an offer?

It depends on many factors. Property condition, how long it takes us to go over everything and get repair estimates, etc. But in general terms, we can usually have an LOI (Letter of Intent) ready within 48-72 hours.

How long before I get my money?

Again, it depends on the property. General closing times are 60-90 days, so you can probably be on a celebration cruise in about three months.

Are there any fees?

Nope. No fees, commissions, or any other costs to you. We even pay the lawyers

If I get an offer from you, am I obligated to sell?

No, you are not. Until we go to contract, you can walk away at any time. You literally have nothing to lose when you contact us.

Ready to see what your property is worth? Use the form below to contact us, we’ll do the rest.

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